Webinar Overview

The United Nations conference on climate change, known as COP21, is prompting new soul-searching among global business leaders. The big question for self-reflection is not only to know if your organization is contributing enough to tackling climate change, but also: how can businesses transform an apparent constraint into a source of competitive advantage and a business opportunity?

Sustainability and Environmental managers are not only concerned with compliance. Forward-thinking business leaders are also using COP21-inspired goals to boost efficiency, enhance stakeholder engagement, improve reputation and drive financial benefits.
From reaping the benefits of sustainability to rethinking all that is related to product development or supply chain management, sustainability can benefit your business strategy in multiple ways.


Among the questions this webcast will address:

  • How Climate Change is impacting businesses
  • How to drive positive change within your organization with the right Climate Change mitigation strategies and tools
  • Applicable insights from forward-thinking industry leaders who have not waited for COP21 to keep thriving while effectively tackling the challenges of global warming.


  • Mike Nicholus

    Mike Nicholus Global Environment Director at Accenture

  • Sarah Hendel-Blackford

    Sarah Hendel-Blackford Senior Consultant at Ecofys

  • Evan Harvey

    Evan Harvey Director of Corporate Responsibility for Nasdaq