Webinar Overview

There are many challenges involved in adhering to product compliance requirements. Increased regulations around the restriction, registration, notification and labelling of chemicals, such as RoHS and REACH, call for greater transparency in company supply chains. Managing the large quantities of data required and being able to easily track and demonstrate compliance has become a burdensome and complex task due to ever-growing supplier bases, an evolving global market, and the need to consider the whole supply chain.

But with a clear strategy and real-time visibility of Product Compliance across the entire supply chain, organizations can effectively mitigate risks and ensure compliance with product registration requirements.

This 1-hour webinar takes a look at current and emerging regulations and explores how delivering improved product stewardship through the implementation of technology drives real business value.

Key Takeaways

During this webinar, you will learn about:

  • Global regulatory trends affecting the supply chain
  • Achieving real-time visibility across the supply chain to mitigate risks and ensure compliance
  • Ensuring supply chain continuity through robust supplier governance and compliance
  • Best practices and strategies to ensure global supply chain compliance
  • Leveraging an integrated approach with technology to drive compliance.


  • Aldric Delahaie

    Aldric Delahaie Sustainable Supply Chain Product Manager, Enablon

  • Sam Temara

    Sam Temara Lead Environmental Management IS, Arcadis

  • Alain Vassart

    Alain Vassart Senior Consultant Product Stewardship Solutions, Arcadis

About Arcadis

Arcadis is a leader in EHS IT (EMIS) services market. We have been helping clients for over 15 years prepare, select, deploy, and sustain their critical EHS information systems. We uniquely combine EHS process and engineering systems expertise with information technology program knowledge to ensure our clients achieve their objectives and realize exceptional outcomes from their investments in EHS technology. Our global community of practice is made up of over 80 professionals who work in partnership with our clients and software vendors to help them achieve successful business solutions.

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