Webinar Overview

The volume of US Federal regulations peaked to an all-time high in 2015. Since the last regulatory peak in 2010, there has been a steady increase in the volume of data required to comply with new and updated safety and environmental regulations. Faced with historic industry headwinds and staff reductions, EHS leaders working in the oil and gas sector are faced with incredible compliance demands that are driving unprecedented levels of systematization to cope with the current operating environment. Leaders must systematically improve process efficiencies and reduce costs to remain competitive. In parallel, they must ensure the safety of their workers and contractors, while minimizing environmental impact. The challenge is not how to do more with less in a “lower for longer” environment but rather how to implement lasting and efficient lower cost outcomes.

Learn more about trends and challenges facing the oil and gas sector in 2016 in this 1h webinar. Overcoming the challenges through enhanced data accessibility and transparency requires vigilance and engagement to stay current with emerging trends and solutions. Also learn more about how technology can help better manage EHS compliance and performance, as well as enable the success of operational excellence programs throughout the organization.


During this webinar, you will learn more about:

  • Key challenges in the Oil & Gas industry and how to face them as an EHS leader
  • The emerging trends related to EHS data transparency
  • How to benchmark with competitors and leverage industry knowledge
  • How companies can leverage the massive amounts of operational data collected to improve EHS performance.


  • Caitlin Bergman

    Caitlin Bergman Product Manager, Environmental & Process Safety at Enablon

  • Alexis Merydith – ERM

    Alexis Merydith Partner, ERM

  • Trey Shaffer

    Trey Shaffer Senior Partner - Upstream Oil & Gas at ERM

About ERM


Environmental Resources Management (ERM) is a leading global provider of environmental, health, safety, risk, social consulting and sustainability related services. It has over 150 offices in 40 countries employing more than 5,000 people. ERM’s Information Solutions Practice covers the entire EMIS project life-cycle from planning and implementing through testing and maintaining these systems. ERM has a large certified global team dedicated to helping customers design, deploy, and support enterprise Enablon solutions. For several years, ERM has received the Enablon Global Partner of the Year award.

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