Webinar Overview

In a challenging economic environment, sustainability projects require more than reducing carbon footprint and environmental impact, contributing to your organization’s bottom line is a key requirement. Demonstrating the link between sustainability performance and financial performance is crucial to securing investment in sustainability programs.

Companies are starting to make this link by using potential cost savings to justify investments in sustainability programs. However, there are many other ways to demonstrate the business value of sustainability programs and strengthen the business case. For example, using fewer raw materials reduces dependence on unreliable supply chains and volatile commodity markets. Investing in climate change mitigation reduces the risk of extreme weather events disrupting the services or goods that companies provide. And modern plant and machinery is not only energy-efficient but also more reliable, ensuring more orders are fulfilled on time and improving customer satisfaction.


During this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to articulate the link between sustainability and financial performance to senior management
  • A practical step-by-step framework for analyzing, measuring and implementing sustainability initiatives
  • Best practices shared by UPS


  • Adam Cooper

    Adam Cooper Senior Manager, Global Strategy & Sustainability Practice at Accenture

  • Patrick Browne

    Patrick Browne Corporate Sustainability Program Manager at UPS

  • Tom Hazeldine

    Tom Hazeldine Product Manager at Enablon

  • Joel Makower

    Joel Makower Executive Editor at GreenBiz Group

During this broadcast, Adam Cooper, Senior Manager, Global Strategy and Sustainability Practice at Accenture will outline a step-by-step approach for making the link between sustainability and financial performance, showing how to strengthen your sustainability business case share how to leverage risk management to improve your EHS performance. Patrick Browne, Corporate Sustainability Program Manager at UPS, will share the best practices he has experienced with his work at UPS and Tom Hazeldine, Product Manager at Enablon will describe the tools and technologies available and provide case studies that highlight best practices. Joel Makower, Executive Editor at GreenBiz Group will moderate the session.

About Accenture


Accenture Sustainability Services helps clients achieve substantial improvement in performance and value by adopting and integrating new and innovative ways of working that continually balance positive economic, environmental and social impact. From strategy design to execution, we work with clients across industries and geographies to create new growth opportunities, generate greater efficiencies, drive resource and energy optimization, lower costs, and enhance differentiation and perceived value for organizations and governments.