Webinar Overview

This webinar will focus on how to successfully structure, execute and reap the benefits of an EHS management platform implementation, based on the lessons learned from Ergon, a global petroleum services provider that recently deployed a global system across 60 of its facilities.

By combining sophisticated software from Enablon and expert guidance in EMIS implementation from E2 ManageTech, Ergon now runs a smart, unified solution for managing EHS and emissions calculations. Ergon had a very clear strategy – focusing on improving EHS business processes rather than specific statutory requirements, ensuring a successful enterprise-wide deployment.


During this webinar, you will learn how Ergon has been implementing and leveraging the system to:

  • Manage the EHS requirements of its diverse subsidiaries in a global market
  • Address the unique air quality challenges in the oil and gas industry
  • Reduce data entry burden for EHS staff & drive EHS improvements with greater data visibility
  • Mitigate risks and support company growth


  • Leah Foertsch

    Leah Foertsch Senior Business Analyst/Team Lead, E2 ManageTech

Leah Foertsch has robust experience in software implementation in the environmental field, including EMIS deployment, configuration, and maintenance. Additionally, Ms. Foertsch has a strong background in data management, reporting, and training within a variety of industries including oil and gas production and distribution, hospitality, and food and beverage manufacturing. She brings a unique collaborative spirit to her work acting as a liaison between clients and software consultants. Her experience allows her to provide superior service and bridge the gap between the information technology, environmental and software capabilities.
  • Blaine Totty, Ergon

    Blaine Totty EHS Projects Manager, Ergon

Blaine Totty is the EHS Projects Manager for Ergon, Inc.   He currently manages the implementation of the Odyssey (Enablon) system, which will cover 6 business segments and 90 different facilities across 25 states. Additionally, he is responsible for various other EHS software systems as well as projects involving new acquisitions.  Blaine has a degree in Chemical Engineering with a background in Environmental and Health & Safety, and has worked in the regulatory arena, cement, and oil and gas industries.  His technical expertise with systems as well as his regulatory knowledge and engineering background have contributed to his success in maintaining support from his internal customers while consolidating a large number of legacy systems.
  • Brad Aiello, Enablon

    Brad Aiello Engagement Manager, Enablon

Brad Aiello is an Engagement Manager within the Enablon Professional Services team responsible for producing successful implementations through building and maintaining healthy relationships between clients, implementation partners, and Enablon. With over 14 years of experience in SaaS solutions, he has extensive experience directing multiple complex projects simultaneously for a very diverse range of clients.

About E2 ManageTech

E2 ManageTech, Inc. (E2) sets the standard for Environmental Health & Safety Management Information Systems (EMIS) with strategic planning, detailed design, architecture definition and effective implementation.  E2’s approach is – EMIS Made Easier.  Its Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) and Information Technology (IT) professionals help “bridge the gap” between EHS and IT – improved operational performance and compliance management is the result.  Through its critical thinking and technical expertise, E2 helps its clients utilize the latest technology and software to stay in and ahead of compliance and effectively manage risk.

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