Webinar Overview

Most companies today manage operations globally, across national borders. The role of the EH&S manager has evolved to include anticipating the impact of future regulations on long-term sustainability. To do so, an increasing number of EH&S managers are relying on information systems to implement robust compliance programs.


During this webinar, you will learn:

  • Key upcoming EH&S regulations that are impacting companies in the US and across international markets
  • How to implement a robust and cost-effective compliance management program
  • What are some of the compliance best practices used by industry leaders
  • How to leverage technology to go beyond compliance to lower risks and improve long term company sustainability


  • Ned Ertel

    Ned Ertel CEO & President at RegScan

  • Alexis Merydith

    Alexis Merydith NA Product Manager, Enablon

During this broadcast, Ned Ertel, CEO & President at RegScan, will share his expertise on the latest EH&S regulations industries must comply with in the U.S. and across the globe. Alexis Merydith, NA Product Manager at Enablon will discuss how technology fits within an innovative EH&S program that goes beyond compliance to improve long term company sustainability. She will present best practices from leading companies that are implementing efficient compliance strategies worldwide.

About RegScan

REGS Global Compliance [Converted] copy

Founded in 1987, RegScan, Inc. provides regulatory compliance services to companies worldwide. RegScan provides unique online tools which enable easy access to – and interpretations of – domestic and international regulatory information. With RegScan, companies can access U.S. and international data on the same platform, and customize legal registers and audit protocols for more than 140 jurisdictions. The RegScan One system allows companies to perform research, generate alerts and export regulatory content via web services to any online management system. Enablon Audit & Compliance Software now integrates with RegScan International Audit Protocol service to help companies measure their compliance with EHS requirements anywhere in the world.