Webinar Overview

Best-in-class companies drive EHS performance by ensuring the safety of their workers, preventing injuries and illnesses, and addressing near misses. In addition, by creating and nurturing a culture of safety, they go beyond simple compliance with regulations and implement proactive safety management. But how can organizations achieve this? Identifying and reducing at-risk behaviors that can lead to incidents is an excellent start.

Technology can be an invaluable ally to enable proactive safety through a safety culture that encourages the reporting of observations as part of an effort to reduce at-risk behaviors. Lendlease has experienced this first hand, and has many lessons to share.

By improving a multitude of EHS processes with technology and leveraging mobility to empower workers, Lendlease is able to take a proactive approach to safety, and achieve much more than compliance with safety regulations.


During this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Current occupational safety and health trends
  • How to prioritize leading indicators to prevent incidents from occurring in the first place
  • Best practices to move beyond compliance to proactive safety management
  • How to leverage mobility to empower workers and drive a safety culture: lessons from Lendlease.


  • David Rose, Lendlease

    David Rose Group EH&S Technology Systems Manager, LendLease

  • Noelle Harvey Official

    Noelle Harvey Senior Product Manager - Health & Safety at Enablon