Webinar Overview

Many key industries will face significant chemical management challenges in 2018. New regulatory developments and changes will be added to current rules and regulations to increase regulatory complexity. These include GHS, US TSCA, REACH, activities in Asia Pacific and Latin America, and much more.

These changes will mean that companies will increasingly need accurate data from which to report, to meet compliance and legal obligations. This data must conform to 2018 reporting milestones as required by REACH and other regulations.

Stringent industry demands along with rapid changes demonstrate the value of being able to collect data on a centralized platform. Accurate, timely, and comprehensive data become pillars of central truth and credibility – ready for analysis, and rich with opportunities for improvement and advanced analytics.

This one-hour webinar will also discuss the challenges the industry will face in the coming year, and will look at strategies for managing change proactively.

Key Takeaways

During this webinar, you will learn about:

  • The specific regulatory changes that will affect you locally and globally
  • Implications for companies and their chemical management needs
  • The key changes to watch for
  • How to plan for change
  • The value of data centralization for planning, preparation, management, and reporting


  • Aldric Delahaie

    Aldric Delahaie Sustainable Supply Chain Product Manager, Enablon

  • Sookie Hong

    Sookie Hong Senior Manager, Regulatory Research, Verisk 3E

About Verisk 3E

Verisk 3E, formerly 3E Company, delivers intelligent compliance solutions that empower companies to reduce risk, drive continuous improvement, and create new growth opportunities. For 30 years, Verisk 3E has provided clients with the expertise, content, live 24-7-365 environmental health and safety (EHS) support and award winning solutions required to increase chemical and workplace safety, improve product safety and stewardship, strengthen supply chain stewardship, and optimize research and development decision support. Through our alliance, Verisk 3E has integrated Enablon’s leading sustainable performance and compliance software suite with its best-in-class SDS solutions and robust substance-level chemical regulatory content. This combination creates a powerful platform for industry professionals striving to address compliance requirements while reducing costs, managing risk and increasing efficiencies. Businesses are increasingly working to reduce the number of software platforms they use to manage business processes; the Enablon-Verisk 3E integrated solution supports this trend by providing access to the key safety and regulatory data required to manage EHS functions and drive informed decision making via a single platform.

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