We Believe in Sustainability

At Enablon, we believe that our actions have a deep impact on the environment and we need to act responsibly. As sustainability is a priority interest of Enablon, for this year’s edition of SPF EMEA conference taking place in Paris we will take another step to ensure that all our actions related to the conference complies with sustainability standards and we contribute to reduce negative impacts on our environment.

Green Policy

According to our green policy, all marketing materials have been printed on recyclable paper. We also have chosen carefully our gifts for you, making sure that all products come from environmentally friendly companies.

Every year we try to increase our positive impact on the society by taking different actions in terms of sustainability. In order to compensate the negative effect of our employee flight travels, last year Enablon has planted 4 134 trees in Enablon Forest in France and 2,150 trees in Chicago and the Ottawa National Forest in Michigan. With the partnership of American Forest in North America and Reforest’ Action in Europe we will continue to enlarge our mission to protect the environment.

You Can Also Make A Difference!

Don’t forget to stop by the “Trees for Travel” booth at SPF EMEA conference and Enablon will compensate your travel by planting the number of trees related to the carbon emitted from your flight to SPF EMEA Paris.

2018 London – Paris Charity Bike Ride

Last year our brave team from London cycled all the way to Paris in order to raise money for Bees Abroad. Seven Enablonians and their Road Crew started the bike ride one week before the SPF EMEA conference. In 3 days they cycled almost 330 km starting in London and ending at the Enablon office in Paris. Their initiative helped raise environmental awareness in our community and contributed to collect a great donation for the association.


Bike ride

About Bees Abroad

The aim of Bees Abroad is to provide education and technical advice in Beekeeping and suitable business skills. This is achieved by setting up and supporting field extension services, running training courses for local beekeepers and financing trainers.  Bees Abroad is a non-profit making organisation giving help to beekeepers and families in developing countries. Bees Abroad projects are managed by designated project managers and run within a group structure.  They are designed to become self-funding and terminate after a defined period of time.