It’s natural to have questions about a huge event like SPF Americas 2015. So we’ve put together a list of some of the most common questions and answered them all in one convenient place.
    Who is Enablon?
    Enablon is the world’s leading provider of Sustainability, EH&S and Operational Risk Management Software. More than 1,000 global companies and 1 million users rely on Enablon software solutions to manage their environmental and social performance, minimize risks and improve profitability. Enablon offers the most comprehensive platform in the industry, and is consistently recognized as a global leader and visionary. For more info:
    What is SPF Americas?
    With 500+ attendees, over sixty sessions and countless networking opportunities, the Sustainable Performance Form (SPF) Americas 2015 is the premier conference for forward-thinking EH&S, Sustainability, Risk and IT professionals. The 7th annual conference will take place at the Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel in Chicago on September 21-23.

    This year’s value-packed program will cover the hottest topics in EH&S, Sustainability, Risk Management and Technology innovations. Learning comes to life in subject-matter expert led breakout sessions, technology deep-dives with the product team, interactive roundtables and inspiring keynote talks. Attendees will walk away with a wealth of knowledge and best practices from the agenda focusing on people, processes and technology.

    When and where is SPF Americas 2015 located?
    The event takes place at the Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel in Chicago, Illinois.

    Festivities will start for clients and partners on Monday, September 21 with the pre-conference training day. The official kick off of the conference is Tuesday, September 22 and continues until the afternoon of Wednesday, September 23.

    You can find detailed information on the schedule here.

    And on the conference venue here.

    How do I pick my registration type (i.e. which days of SPF should I attend)?
    There are three options for you to choose from. You can find the full details of the options here.

    The easiest way to pick is by looking at your relationship to Enablon:

    • Are you a current Enablon user or an Enablon partner? Then you should either choose the “Pre-Conference Training Pass” or “Full Conference Pass”. Pick the “Pre-Conference Training Pass” if you are only interested in training and user workshops. Choose the “Full Conference Pass” if you want the training, user workshops, the 2 conference days and all the other bells and whistles.
    • Are you an evaluating the Enablon software or simply an industry professional looking to learn and network? Then the right option for you is the “Conference Pass”

    The days of SPF Americas that you should attend depend on which pass you choose:

    • Pre-Conference Training Pass (customers and partners only): September 21
    • Conference Pass: September 22 & 23
    • Full Conference Pass (customers and partners only): September 21, 22 & 23

    You can also talk to one of our SPF Americas Advisors and they’ll help you choose the best registration type for you. You can contact an SPF Advisor at or through the SPF Americas Hotline at 514.395.2545 Ext:230.

    What are the advantages of attending?
    The “Why Attend” section of our website gives a great overview of the benefits of SPF Americas 2015. Check it out here.
    What will be the conference agenda be like?
    The agenda is broken up into tracks and sessions.  Some examples of this are Business Efficiency, World-Class Compliance, Enterprise Control, Project Delivery, Enablon Technology, Green Facilities, Safe Operations, and Process Safety Materials for Life.

    You can find the full conference agenda which includes detailed session descriptions here.

    Who are the speakers?
    SPF Americas speakers are subject-matter experts from many of the world’s largest corporations and leading organizations. These innovators come to SPF to share their expertise with forward-thinking professionals like you.

    Here is the detailed speaker line-up.

    New speakers are being added every day so make sure to check back frequently for exciting updates.

    Is it really free? Even the training day? Even the Gala Dinner & Afterparty?
    100% free from start to finish. All conference pass options are free. Training is free. Meals during the conference are free. Networking events are free. The only things you need to pay for are transportation to and from the conference, lodging (if applicable) and any other miscellaneous expenses.
    How do I register?
    You can visit the conference website here and find out what registration package fits you best.
    Is there a catch?
    No catch. Enablon is able to make SPF Americas complimentary to attendees thanks to the ongoing support of the event sponsors.
    Is there a conference hotel? Are you offering a discounted hotel rate?
    The conference takes place at the Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel, Chicago, 221 N. Columbus Dr., Chicago, IL 60601.

    A special rate of $265/night is available at the conference hotel by booking your room here and using the promo code ENABLO. For additional information, please contact Stephanie Monkaba or 312.477.0229. Quantity remaining is based on hotel availability so please book early to guarantee your rate.

    Still not in your price range? Here are some more hotel options in the area:

    How do I get to the conference from the airport?
    Rental Car. Taxi. Train.  There are many ways to arrive at SPF in style.

    We suggest choosing public transportation when it is a viable and safe choice. Here’s how:

    What should I wear?
    During the conference we suggest business casual. For the Gala Dinner and After Party, some attendees choose to change into their party dresses and suits, while others opt to stay in their conference attire.
    Are there group meeting spaces provided at SPF Americas?
    Group meeting spaces are available upon request as part of the SPF Americas One-on-One Meetings.

    What are One-on-Ones? These are 30 – 60 minute sessions with individual Enablon Experts or specific departments to discuss current or future projects, product questions or whatever is on your mind regarding your relationship with Enablon. As these meetings give you access to our most in-demand resources it’s important to book your slot as soon as possible in order to ensure your requested experts and/or departments are available.

    To request your meeting, simply email our One-on-One coordinator Beverly Caluza at and include the following information: Preferred day and time for meeting, who you would like to meet with (if you do not know specific names, department or function that is fine), and what you want to discuss.

    Please note: meeting requests are not guaranteed, but the sooner you request, the better chance you have that we will be able to accommodate your meeting.

    I want to attend, but can’t get approval from my company. What should I do?
    We have made some great resources available for you. Other attendees have been in the same position in the past and leveraged these resources to clearly communicate the value of SPF Americas to upper management.

    You can also receive a personalized consultation with one of our SPF Americas Advisors. You can contact a SPF Advisor at or through the SPF Americas Hotline at 514.395.2545 Ext:230.

    Will meals be provided at SPF Americas?
    Enablon provides complimentary meals onsite at SPF Americas:

    • September 21st – complimentary coffee break
    • September 22nd– complimentary breakfast, lunch, coffee breaks, and dinner
    • September 23rd– complimentary breakfast, lunch and coffee breaks
    Whom should I contact if I have special dietary needs or allergies?
    You can email our event coordinator Marta Reyes at with any special dietary needs or allergies request.
    Are attendee substitutions permitted?
    Yes, if you discover that you cannot attend we can arrange for one of your colleagues to take your registration. Simply contact an SPF Advisor at or through the SPF Americas Hotline at 514.395.2545 Ext:230
    I have completed my registration and want to make a change. What do I do?
    Contact our SPF Americas Advisors and they’ll help you make any changes that you may need.

    You can contact an SPF Advisor at or through the SPF Americas Hotline at 514.395.2545 Ext:230.

    Can I bring a guest?
    If you know a colleague that may be interested in attending SPF Americas contact our advisors and they’ll personally send them an invite to attend.

    You can contact an SPF Advisor at or through the SPF Americas Hotline at 514.395.2545 Ext:230.

    My question isn’t listed here.
    Don’t worry. We have SPF Americas Advisors standing by to answer all remaining questions.

    You can contact an SPF Advisor at or through the SPF Americas Hotline at 514.395.2545 Ext:230.