Sustainability & Performance Software

Achieve sustainability goals through efficient collection and management of environmental and corporate social responsibility (CSR) data. Ensure quality and auditability of ESG data to calculate and report on sustainability performance. Create comprehensive ESG reports to communicate transparently with stakeholders, suppliers, customers, partners, and investors about progress on sustainability goals. Drive overall business improvements through enhanced sustainability performance.

Meet sustainability goals with better data, reporting, and engagement

Sustainability performance and ESG data are becoming more important components of corporate reports and are of increasing significance to investors, customers, and rating agencies. To remain leaders in their industries, organizations must highlight their social and environmental performance and commitment to CSR principles. The Enablon Sustainability solution helps organizations collect and manage environmental and CSR data, generate CSR reports, and increase stakeholder engagement.

Enhance sustainability performance

Set targets for social and environmental performance, then track and monitor progress with centralized data collection. Monitor sustainability performance across all levels of the organization. Ensure compliance with regulations and reduce reputational risks.

Improve sustainability reporting

Measure and track key indicators such as water and energy consumption, waste generation, and GHG emissions across the organization. Accurately measure environmental impacts with automatically updated dashboards.

Engage stakeholders

Improve communication with internal and external stakeholders with continually updated templates and standards. Communicate to a wider audience with customized CSR reports. Enhance your brand image by demonstrating business transparency.

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