Supply Compliant Materials with Minimum Environmental, Health and Safety Impacts

For global organizations exporting products to many countries, or with facilities around the world, product stewardship is an important challenge. Enablon Materials for Life solutions ensure product compliance and enable efficient chemical management. With Enablon Materials For Life, you can certify that your products are not harmful to the environment or the health and safety of workers and consumers.


Identify Core Business Challenges

Companies today must manage global product compliance requirements and complex risks, in order to achieve excellence in product stewardship and chemical management. Managers must be ready to respond to a number of complex questions, including how to:

  • Easily determine the impacts of new or changing regulations on raw materials and products?
  • Determine whether chemicals purchased from suppliers contain ingredients harmful to the environment, or to the health and safety of workers and consumers?
  • Comply with Right-To-Know legislation and inform workers about the chemicals they may be exposed to in the workplace?
  • Access product-level and substance-level content and information, including physical-chemical properties and classifications?
  • Create compliant Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) and labels for diverse countries and in diverse languages, in an automated way?
  • Identify all the chemicals present at each facility, and make sure that SDSs are available for each chemical, at each facility?
  • “Enablon’s solution set acts as an ‘aggregator’ of product compliance data, allowing users to make decisions on issues such as shipping and marketing products in certain countries depending on the regulatory landscape.”

    Verdantix 2015 - Smart Innovators - Product Stewardship

Deploy the Right Solutions

With Enablon’s Materials For Life solutions, take control of your product stewardship program (including your product compliance and chemical management needs), by analyzing and drawing insights from data and content on products, materials and substances.

  • Analyse the impacts of new or changing regulations on your products, to reduce operational and compliance risks.
  • Reduce the risk of product recalls by making sure that they don’t contain components, materials or substances that are not compliant, or that are harmful to the environment or to the health and safety of consumers.
  • Confirm employee access to the latest versions of SDSs in their language and for any product.
  • Leverage product-level SDS content, and substance-level regulatory content to analyze the compliance, environmental, health and safety risks associated with products.
  • Generate SDSs for all products, for all required jurisdictions, and in all required languages.

Data and content on products and chemicals help businesses stay compliant, and also provide valuable knowledge and insights to protect the environment, and the health and safety of workers and consumers. Let Enablon support and execute your vision as a leader, and set your organization on the path to product stewardship excellence.

Featured Chemical Management Software Applications

  • Regulatory Compliance Management

    Enablon Regulatory Compliance Management allows companies to comply with regulatory requirements, identify required permits, and share best practices.
  • Product Compliance and Stewardship

    Enablon PCS is designed to help companies monitor the environmental impact of their products and ensure their EHS regulatory compliance.
  • Industrial Hygiene

    The Enablon Industrial Hygiene solution enables qualitative and quantitative analysis for an effective management of Industrial Hygiene programs.
  • Enablon Publisher

    The Enablon Publisher is an online solution to design and publish digital reports for Sustainability, EHS & Risk Management.
  • Document Control

    Enablon Document Control is a user-friendly solution to access, edit, approve, distribute & archive all documents in a single, secure & central location.
  • Chemical Substances Management

    Enablon CMS is a solution for managing chemical substances, enabling companies to comply with the REACH regulation.
  • Action Plans

    The Enablon Action Plans solution allows companies to effectively create action plans, track completion, manage reminders, ensure follow-up and create reports.