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Achieve objectives and manage uncertainty that can threaten them by improving risk management, assurance and compliance processes. Gain a competitive edge by embedding risk management at all levels of the organization. Proactively identify and mitigate both enterprise and operational risks. Ensure that your organization operates with integrity and that it complies with regulations, internal policies, and stakeholder expectations.

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Our integrated solutions to manage risks and meet objectives

In an unpredictable world filled with uncertainty, improving business performance and protecting corporate reputation are big challenges. Successful risk management, assurance and compliance processes are essential to meet organizational objectives and maintain integrity. But companies struggle with multiple internal tools and complex spreadsheets surrounding potentially hundreds of GRC frameworks, leading to inconsistent processes and data silos. The Enablon GRC software solution helps organizations manage objectives and their associated risks, and helps with decision-making.

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Manage and meet objectives

Reduce the effects of uncertainly on company objectives. Establish, manage and track Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Capture adverse events in a structured manner and ensure continuity of your operations. Improve your decision-making by automating and standardizing risk management, assurance and compliance processes.

Ensure consistency in risk management

Standardize risk management processes across the entire enterprise through consistent risk assessment and evaluation methodologies, while supporting contextual risk consequence thresholds to suit different departments or business areas. Manage assurance activities like internal controls and audits by using common protocols and tools. Establish common risk form templates for risk registers.

Comply with regulations and policies

Identify all regulations that are applicable globally and at the level of each individual site. Easily track regulatory requirements that must be met and ensure that all locations, business units, and departments are complying with regulatory obligations. Make sure that internal policies and procedures are followed, and that you operate with integrity at all layers of the organization.

Improve collaboration and communication

Eliminate silos of information by facilitating collaboration between the three lines of defense through a single platform. Easily generate dashboards and reports that provide assurance to the senior leaders in your organization. Send periodic alerts and notifications to ask users to review risks, and to remind them to complete tasks.

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