Oversee and manage enterprise-wide operational risk

Recent high-profile corporate implosions have shown that now more than ever, the reputation, financial robustness and overall value of many companies are at risk. These unforeseen risks can have catastrophic consequences. The increasingly unstable environment in which companies operate has multiplied risk factors and requires more effective internal control and management.


Identify Core Business Challenges

Today, risk management and risk accountability functions are very scattered in companies, and the risk tolerance for a same risk can vary tremendously from one site to another. CROs are faced with an ever-growing challenge of balancing risk decisions and coming to an optimum risk level for all group stakeholders. Thus, they should bring a comprehensive risk framework that will be consistent for the C-level, as well as operational managers and employees. Key questions include:

  • With siloed risk-oriented functions, how to gather all lines of defense for a consistent risk management approach?
  • How to reduce risk management and treatment costs by identifying gaps and overlaps?
  • How to improve processes and frameworks?
  • How to communicate and better report?
  • “Enablon continues to be experts in operational risk use cases. If your organization is looking to manage enterprise risk management, Enablon should be on your short list.”

    Forrester - Q1 2018 The Forrester Wave™: Governance, Risk, And Compliance Platforms

Deploy the Right Solutions

With Enablon Enterprise Control solutions, provide your organization an umbrella framework for true Enterprise Risk Management.

  • Provide a strategic risk management framework usable by operational managers and employees to improve stakeholder accountability.
  • Benefit from a solution where all data from operation management modules is consolidated in the risk management application, providing a 360° evaluation of risks and an improved decision-making process.
  • Leverage unique technical risk assessment tools and tailor-made techniques for multiple governance groups, teams or functions (including EHS, Security, Business Continuity, Chemical Management, and Regulatory Compliance).
  • Launch predictive analytics to estimate the probability of event occurrences, costs and schedule delays, and uncertainty in future estimates.
  • Ensure business continuity across all your processes.

Forewarned is forearmed. Let Enablon support you through a comprehensive Risk Management journey and turn risks into opportunities.

Featured GRC Software Applications

  • Risk Management

    Enablon Risk Management is an integrated solution designed for assessing and managing risks and incidents.
  • Mobile Safety App

    Enablon Go Safety is a native mobile app that allows workers to report events, and sends safety alerts and notifications in real-time.
  • Mobile Inspection App

    Enablon Go Inspection is a native mobile app that empowers workers to complete inspections from anywhere and at anytime.
  • Mobile Audit App

    Enablon Go Audit is a native mobile app that empowers workers to complete audits from anywhere and at anytime.
  • Internal Control

    Internal Control is a recognized leading solution for internal control management used by many global companies.
  • Internal Audit

    Internal Audit is a solution which allows companies to manage efficiently all auditing activities.
  • Insurance & Claims

    The Insurance and Claims solution helps companies manage and monitor insurance policies, control their costs and reduce financial exposures.
  • Incident/Event Management

    The Enablon Incident/Event Management solution is designed to meet all incident and event reporting, management and monitoring needs.
  • Enablon Publisher

    The Enablon Publisher is an online solution to design and publish digital reports for Sustainability, EHS & Risk Management.
  • Document Control

    Enablon Document Control is a user-friendly solution to access, edit, approve, distribute & archive all documents in a single, secure & central location.
  • Continuous Assessment

    Continuous Assessment is a control management and monitoring solution designed to fulfill the specific needs of internal control in financial institutions.
  • Business Continuity Management

    Enablon Business Continuity Management is a complete business continuity management and crisis management solution.
  • Action Plans

    The Enablon Action Plans solution allows companies to effectively create action plans, track completion, manage reminders, ensure follow-up and create reports.