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Experience the benefits of mobile technologies

Enablon fully native mobile apps enable customers to meet their advanced mobility needs. The apps are used to facilitate data reporting directly in the field, easily access documentation and automate tasks through context awareness. Enablon Go is available in multiple languages, making it easy for multinational companies to deploy. It can be downloaded from mobile app stores accessible from anywhere in the world. Available on iOS & Android.

Access Anywhere

Use Enablon in the field, easily access information and perform tasks from anywhere, at anytime, on any device

Increase Efficiency

Get rid of paper & pen and gain flexibility to save time and improve operational efficiency

Improve Data Capture

Enable real-time communication, gain visibility on operations and improve reaction time

“For companies focused on efficiency, using the mobile applications for BBS, audits and inspections allows users to complete work in a fraction of the time.”

— EHS Director, Global Food & Beverage Company

Enablon Go

Reliable and Smart Mobile Apps for all EHS and Risk Needs

With Enablon Go, improve EHS performance and reduce risks by easily reporting or accessing information, and performing critical tasks from anywhere and at any time.

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Easy to use

Conveniently launch Enablon apps and have interactions between them directly from Enablon Go. For example, easily switch from reporting an event to launching an inspection with just one tap!

Robust & Reliable

Benefit from an extensive set of features, including event reporting, alerts and notifications, launch of action plans, tasks, audits and inspections, photo and video upload and editing, and much more.

Extended Configurability

Configure mobile app navigation, event categories, and questionnaires to ensure better adoption and improve reporting.

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Empower workers in any situation with Enablon’s expert applications

  • Mobile Safety App

    Enablon Go Safety is a native mobile app that allows workers to report events, and sends safety alerts and notifications in real-time.
  • Mobile Inspection App

    Enablon Go Inspection is a native mobile app that empowers workers to complete inspections from anywhere and at anytime.
  • Mobile Audit App

    Enablon Go Audit is a native mobile app that empowers workers to complete audits from anywhere and at anytime.

“Mobility can be a powerful tool in the right hands. It saves operator time and bolsters labor productivity, provides a system of record with one-to-one accuracy verification, and limits incidents by granting employees access to data in real-time.”

— Improve Safety, Accuracy and Productivity with Mobility – a report by Aberdeen Group

Lendlease Scales New EHS Heights with Mobility


Learn how Lendlease has achieved dramatic safety improvements in only a few months

“By saving 30 minutes per foreman per day, 6 days a week over 400 construction sites in Lendlease, we were able to reallocate a huge amount of time to focus on Safety in the field.”

— David Rose, Group EH&S Technology Systems Manager, Lendlease

The Lendlease and Enablon teams set the groundwork for a strong, flexible and interactive relationship in order to strengthen the group’s global EH&S program and deploy a cost-efficient, scalable, and integrated EH&S and risk management platform. Empowering Lendlease’s employees through mobile technology, in particular, was established as a key requirement from the start.

Lendlease leverages the full suite of Enablon Go mobile applications: Go Safety, Go Audit and Go Inspection, which have been key in modernizing and strengthening their safety strategy. Enablon Go mobile applications are used by more than one in four employees across the company, and this number is rapidly increasing.

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