Boost Your Performance, Reduce Your Risks and Ensure Transparency

Nowadays, the impacts and risks of global companies are mostly located in their value chain. However, collecting data across the value chain, auditing contractors and finding “at-risk” suppliers is a real challenge, especially with the multi-tier value chains seen today.


Identify Core Business Challenges

Companies from around the world use Enablon to collaborate with their value chain, and operate in optimal conditions, while mitigating environmental, reputational, and compliance risks.

Fundamental questions that VPs of Sustainability, Procurement teams and Supply Chain managers should be prepared to answer include:

  • How to map large numbers of suppliers at different levels across the value chain?
  • How to evaluate suppliers and contractors on standard and non-standard protocols (labor, compliance, environmental, conflict minerals, etc.)?
  • How to find suppliers that are at-risk in their operations?
  • How to perform audits and launch action plans across the value chain?
  • How to drive your lagged suppliers to reach your performance expectations?
  • “Supply chain risks require focused attention, creative solutions and engagement.”


Deploy the Right Solutions

Enablon’s Collaborative Supply Chain solutions bring the highest value to align your supply chain strategy with an optimized brand reputation.

  • Onboard and connect your entire value chain.
  • Assess suppliers’ and contractors’ compliance with standard and non-standard protocols around CSR, Labor, Environment, Conflict Minerals, Health & Safety.
  • Perform audits and trigger corrective actions.
  • Find at-risk suppliers.
  • Evaluate and track improvements.

Enablon Collaborative Supply Chain is the 360° solution when it comes to engaging suppliers and contractors throughout your performance journey.

Featured Supply Chain Management Software Applications

  • Supply Chain Management

    Designed to assess, audit and test processes efficiency and products compliance internally or throughout the whole supply chain.
  • Stakeholder Relationship Management

    Enablon SRM is a stakeholder relationship management and materiality analysis software solution.
  • Responsible Supply Chain

    Enablon RSC enables companies to assess their suppliers’ social and environmental compliance and in the process reduce their risk and improve their sustainability.
  • Enablon Publisher

    The Enablon Publisher is an online solution to design and publish digital reports for Sustainability, EHS & Risk Management.