Protect your brand’s reputation through effective compliance & communication

Enablon Brand Protection solutions allow your organization to both align its strategy with stakeholder expectations and relevant reporting regulations, in addition to publishing annual reports, directly tailored to different stakeholder groups and their interests. You can report based on the most widely recognized frameworks and guidelines, ensuring transparency and compliance with currently applicable reporting frameworks: GRI, CDP, DJSI or a wide range of local guidelines.


Identify Core Business Challenges

As a global organization, you constantly interact with a wide range of stakeholders, all with differentiated concerns and impacts on the way you manage your overall performance.

Fundamental questions that any VP of Sustainability should be prepared to answer include:

  • How to stay up to date on all voluntary and regulatory reporting guidelines?
  • How to keep stakeholder groups engaged and satisfied?
  • How to harmonize stakeholder concerns with regulatory guidelines?
  • How to benchmark and deploy sustainability initiatives across your organization?
  • How to publish meaningful annual reports with limited time and resources?
  • “For many companies, 2015 marked the beginning of a new set of goals, which serve as a good barometer of program maturity, and where sustainability is headed next. What makes this latest generation particularly noteworthy, however, is the focus on material issues, framed by intended outcomes rather than actions alone.”


Deploy the Right Solutions

The Enablon Brand Protection solutions bring the highest value to align your strategy with an optimized brand reputation.

  • Keep your stakeholders engaged with on-going communications.
  • Link strategic metrics to key local and corporate initiatives, and optimize budget & resources.
  • Request and access relevant reporting frameworks and updated guidelines, and link these to your metrics and campaigns.
  • Define and compare strategies to align stakeholder requests and performance regulations.
  • Generate and publish your branded public reports in PDF and micro-site format.

Enablon’s end-to-end Brand Protection solutions help you address all aspects around brand protection: from capturing stakeholder feedback, to launching initiatives and adjusting performance, to complying with the frameworks that matter, collecting data, and releasing results to the public.

Featured Corporate Social Responsibility Software Applications

  • Stakeholder Relationship Management

    Enablon SRM is a stakeholder relationship management and materiality analysis software solution.
  • Enablon Publisher

    The Enablon Publisher is an online solution to design and publish digital reports for Sustainability, EHS & Risk Management.
  • CSR Reporting

    Enablon SD-CSR is a comprehensive and integrated solution for meeting sustainability requirements.
  • Action Plans

    The Enablon Action Plans solution allows companies to effectively create action plans, track completion, manage reminders, ensure follow-up and create reports.