Barrier Management Software

Barrier Management provides a holistic overview of the (near) real-time state of control measures across site and enterprise. Integrating with various inputs through APIs, Barrier Management calculates cumulative risk levels, projects these in a heat map on integrated site graphics, and allows operators to take action based on this previously hard-to-access data.

Integrated Barrier Management and Cumulative Risk Visualization Solution

In order to prevent major incidents and accidents, it’s key to establish and maintain the critical human, technical and organizational barriers in such a way, that all (cumulative) risks can be monitored and handled at any given time. With the Barrier Management Solution, Enablon answers the need for a fully integrated solution which enables maximum visibility, risk awareness and risk mitigation to secure stable, safe and predictable operations.

Barrier Management Applications & Features

Enablon’s Barrier Management Solution consists of a variety of applications and features to increase your safety, efficiency and productivity.

Enablon Go - Permits

With Enablon Go – Permits,  improve your operational efficiency, reduce risks, and save valuable time while performing critical tasks from anywhere and at any time.


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Solutions that fit your needs


Integration with ORA (Operational Risk Assessments). ORA is a barrier-based solution, which provides insight into all degraded situations, keeps track of and manages the overall cumulative risk profile of the installation, and ensures that correct mitigations are in place.

Fully Integrated

The value of the solution is in the easy and broad integrations with both external systems, like Maintenance Management System (MMS) and Plant Information (OSIsoft), as well as other Vision platform solutions like Control of Work and (mobile) Inspections through open APIs.


Barrier Vision includes self-configurable risk properties, barrier types and thresholds per site and area, as well as Business Intelligence dashboards. Risk weights are fully configurable, with the system automatically calculating or re-calculating the risk rating based on your desired factors.

Operational BowTies

With additional integration of Operational Bowties (CGE Risk Management), the tool provides unprecedented insight into the statement of fitness of your facility. Bowtie integration provides additional context, clarity of risk profiles and shows critical scenarios.

Real-time Heat Maps

Barrier Management offers interactive, real-time cumulative risk heat maps. This highly useful feature visualizes risk levels based on barrier states directly on your site graphics.

Global and local view

Barrier Management visualizes all global assets in real time, and highlights assets for which attention is required. Drilling down further, users can view the full initial/residual barrier model of the asset in question, showing exactly where the problems of the assets lie.

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