Our Approach

Dedicated to governance, regulatory compliance, and nonfinancial performance management, Enablon’s information management systems offer companies easily implemented strategic management tools at a relatively low cost.

Our experience gleaned from several hundred projects, our combined business expertise, our flexible and upgradeable technology, and our adaptable and proven methodology guarantee risk-free implementation and lasting return on investment.

Solutions Adapted to Your Specific Needs for Today and Tomorrow

Backed by Enablon’s methodology and technology, our experts help to ensure the success of your projects.

Together, they offer:

  • Solutions customized to your specific needs
  • Lower costs and faster implementation times
  • Support before, during, and after your projects
  • Upgradeable solutions for today and tomorrow
  • Complete autonomy over your solutions

Acknowledged Business Expertise

Nonfinancial reporting and management projects require not only IT knowledge but also high-level business expertise.

Business expertise is a key strength of Enablon’s Services division.

Enablon Services teams draw from the best practices of numerous pioneering companies in all lines of business. The teams are comprised of specialists with in-depth knowledge of specific technologies and business fields and are structured according to their sphere of excellence:

  • Sustainable development and QEHS management
  • Risk management and internal control
  • Corporate governance and legal management

Our Proven Services Methodology

Our IRIS methodology, which has been proven in several hundred projects, was developed by Enablon experts in response to the specific needs of companies seeking to implement a reporting and management solution for nonfinancial performance.

The IRIS methodology allows for controlled deployment in only a few weeks and guarantees your projects’ success.

Four key stages enable fast and effective implementation of your solutions:

  • Analysis: definition of project scope & framework
  • Construction: configuration & development of specific solution
  • Validation: testing & validation of the adapted solution
  • Deployment: implementation of users