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You’re the CFO. Why should you lead on ESG?

Download this insight brief to learn more about the important role that a CFO can play in leading and guiding an organization’s ESG strategy.

What's Inside

There is growing evidence that companies need to pay attention to and develop strong policies for managing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) concerns. Implementing a good ESG strategy has demonstrated several benefits.

ESG and sustainability are especially proving crucial for financial resilience, which is why Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) are uniquely positioned to lead their organizations on ESG efforts.

The role of the CFO has been expanding from creating value to crafting an impactful and sustainable organization. As a CFO, you should be aware of ESG trends, why you are best positioned to make a difference and the actions you can take to guide your business’s ESG efforts.

Key Takeaways

Download this insight brief to learn more about:

  • Benefits of implementing a good ESG strategy
  • Pressures for ESG metrics and reporting
  • Why enlisting CFOs for ESG makes sense
  • What CFOs need to do for ESG