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Transitioning to a new energy model: Naturgy

Nieves Cifuentes Valero, Corporate Head of Environment and Sustainability at Naturgy, explains how using enablon has helped Naturgy collect key sustainability metrics, saved time, and improved data management.

  • 4 min
  • Spanish with English subtitles
  • Naturgy

About Naturgy

Naturgy is a leading multinational group in the energy sector, a pioneer in integrating the gas and electricity sector they head in Latin America and Spain. Operating in 30 countries, Naturgy operates in regulated and deregulated gas and electricity markets, with a growing contribution from international activity, mainly in the following areas: Gas and electricity distribution, Electricity generation and marketing, Gas infrastructure, procurement and marketing. Naturgy is focused on responding to its own industrial model based on several pillars, including considering the energy transition as an opportunity.

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