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Sustainability Reporting and Management Best Practices

During this broadcast, Guy Morgan, Director of Advisory Services at BSR, will explore the upcoming trends in sustainability management. Guy Roberts, Partner at ERM will share how companies can use the G4 data collection and reporting process as a valuable framework for end-to-end sustainability management and Anne Himeno, Senior Solutions Specialist at Enablon will discuss how to use technology as an enabler for reporting and to go beyond reporting to improve operational performance. Heather Clancy, Senior Writer at GreenBiz Group will moderate the session.

  • 45 min
  • English

Webinar Overview

Available in ten languages as of April 2014, support for the Global Reporting Initiative’s G4 guidelines is building among multinational businesses — including pioneers like Daimler AG, Nestle, UPS and Telefonica.

With its increased focus on materiality, many of these forward-thinking businesses view G4 as a stepping-stone to deeper stakeholder transparency and toward integrated management that automatically rolls up sustainability issues into corporate risk frameworks. From G4 to Digital Reporting, what best practices can be learned from early adopters who are leading the way in Sustainability Management?


During this webinar, you will learn:

  • What sustainability reporting trends & challenges to expect in the upcoming years
  • Why leading companies are moving toward integrated management and deeper transparency
  • How to embed the G4 framework into your reporting process
  • Best practices for reporting and for sharing information with key stakeholders
  • How technology can enable the success of integrated sustainability management


Heather Clancy

Senior Writer, GreenBiz Group

Guy Morgan

Director at BSR

Guy Roberts

Partner at ERM

Anne Himeno

Senior Solutions Specialist, EMEA, Enablon