Better Risk Identification Through Better Incident Reporting
  • Australia


The company builds, maintains and upgrades poles, wires and substations that delivery power to around 865,000 customers. SA Power Networks employs about 2,000 workers.

Energy & Utilities

Uncovering Incidents, Near Misses, and Hazards

SA Power Networks is the national leader in safety among Australian electricity distribution businesses. It is always looking to see how it can improve, particularly through injury prevention. You can’t fix a problem if you don’t know it exists. SA Power Networks recognized that the key to preventing incidents is to identify high-risk areas by being aware of and learning from all safety events (incidents, near misses, and hazards).

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Using Enablon solutions, SA Power Networks can now see all the incidents, safety events, audits, inspections, and compliance activities associated with each risk category. And more importantly, the company is now able to evaluate potential consequences of risks as well, in addition to actual consequences. Download the full case study and learn how!