Leading Energy Delivery Company Leverages a Centralized Enablon Platform to Transform Risk Management Operations

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Enterprise: Fortune Global 500-sized company, 11,000 strong workforce

Objectives: Ensure compliance across US and Canadian borders, Industry leadership in safety, reliability and protection of the environment, Streamline emissions reporting

Project: Enterprise-wide in all operations

Oil & Gas, Energy utilities


Over the past 60 years, this energy delivery company has become a leader in the safe and reliable delivery of energy in North America; they operate the world’s largest and most sophisticated pipeline system, transporting and delivering millions of barrels of crude oil and billions of cubic feet of natural gas. Against a backdrop of aggressive growth-oriented goals, the company wanted to ensure their focus on a world-class zero incidents and zero injury safety culture, and wanted to transform its operations by taking a risk-based approach to business.

The solution

The company rose to the challenge with its EHS program that sought to reduce risk and achieve several internal goals with the help of Enablon’s configurable EHS and Sustainability Performance Management platform.

The results

According to system users, the Enablon platform is profoundly changing the way reporting is managed. Before using the platform, data was manually entered using separate spreadsheets. Now, the time required to pull reports has been drastically reduced.

The wide-ranging results achieved by the company have had significant impacts, both internally and externally.

Safety objectives are built into each employee’s annual job objectives, and the number of EHS personnel employed has gone up. The software is used to pinpoint High Learning Value incidents to help prevent further incidents from occurring.

Crucially, one of the external impacts is being able to confidently demonstrate that they are improving on achieving a ‘Zero-spill’ culture, and reducing their environmental impact. In 2013, the company was able to show clear leadership in their field by performing better than industry peers in spill frequency.

At a corporate level, the company can now demonstrate auditability of their data management to regulators such as OSHA and EPA. In addition, due to the project initiatives and engagement within the company, safety and operational reliability has been built into the accountability structure, with the President, CEO and Board of Directors all actively involved.

One of the biggest impacts the organisation is seeing is the effect on its reputation. Regaining its listing on CDP’s ‘Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index’, being seen as a Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporation and on the list of the Best 50 Corporate Citizens in Canada really sets the company apart from its peers and appeals to investors, who are now more focused than ever on sustainability performance.


Based on interviews with the company’s EHS Specialist and Corporate Social Responsibility Advisor 

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