Large Agricultural & Consumer Packaged Goods Company Moves from EHS Reporting to Strategic Safety, Risk and Compliance Management


About: One of the largest US private companies.

Objectives: Consolidate organizational EHS processes to support growth, ensure compliance and focus EHS teams on proactive management

Project: Enterprise-wide EHS management platform across all of the company’s holdings

Agriculture, Consumer Packaged Goods.


With a heavy focus on reinvesting in the communities they touch, protecting the environment around their operations and leading their employees to donate to national and local organizations, the company is keen to grow the organization while being mindful of sustainability issues and is particularly interested in investing in technologies that address global energy and climate challenges.

But a unified approach to managing incidents and investigations was lacking. EHS managers felt too much of their time was devoted to managing safety in an ad-hoc manner, with cumbersome monthly data reporting adding an extra burden to their day-to-day jobs.


Emerging from these varied challenges, the company’s Senior Director & Director of Safety saw an opportunity to free up site-level managers and make the best use of their knowledge and skills in prevention rather than administration with a software solution. While involving the users in the decision-making process to select the right software, the company partnered with CH2M to find a solution that was common for all EHS programs, that came with data analysis tools and was flexible and adaptive. As a lean business, building the business case for a system needed to focus on making existing resources more efficient at division level rather than guaranteeing a payback within a specific time period.


With one secure system for reporting and management, the company has been able to drastically improve the speed at which it can compile and analyse incident, action plan, audit and permit compliance task data. Integrated with its HR system, it provides a consistent environment with up-to-date EHS data to manage risk at an operational level – one source, multiple users, multiple outputs.


Based on interviews with the company’s Senior Director and Director of Safety.

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  • The initial challenges faced by the company
  • How the company leveraged industry expertise to choose the ideal solution
  • How the company is now experiencing fast integrated data analysis
  • The benefits of enhanced compliance for the company