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OPEX in Oil and Gas: Effective Management of Operational Risk

A brief overview of how human factors and system design can help different levels in an organisations talk, visualise and understand risk in the same way. Understanding requirements based on a common definition of risk leads to better competency and better operational discipline – both major contributors to Operational Excellence.

  • 35 mins.
  • English


Risk assessments happen from beginning to end of all of your site’s workflows. And this risk accumulates across teams as they all work together to achieve the same goal. From the direct hazards of the work at hand, to risk introduced during the isolation process, simultaneous operations and across shift changes, everyone involved needs to understand what the risk is and what is involved.

Take a look at the work site from an engineering systems approach: people-process-system.

In this webinar, you will hear from Anton Gerassimov, who continues to lead the Enablon Control of Work implementation at BP, now in it’s 10th year.

Gain deeper insight into:

  • How to define the correct control statements: who, what, when and ensure accountability is effectively communicated
  • Defining a common terminology across different kinds of risk assessments
  • Establishing a culture of risk awareness through continuous practice and assessment of the risk management process


Anton Gerassimov

Control of Work system implementation lead BP