Enablon & ERM support automation and optimization of REACH Substance Volume Tracking for a multinational consumer goods company


The Company is a British multinational consumer goods company. It is a producer of health, hygiene and home products, with more than 40,000 employees in more than 60 countries around the world.

The European Union’s REACH regulation has changed in many ways how companies manage chemicals. REACH compliance impacts not only companies based in the EU, but also companies that place products on the EU market and companies that have suppliers located outside of the EU.

There are many aspects to REACH compliance. One of the most important and complex requirements is to keep track of the exact volumes of all substances throughout raw materials and finished goods. The complexity can be amplified for companies acting as downstream users with a multi-tier supply chain, specifically a formulator, with operations and sales in countries all over the world, and thousands of suppliers and raw materials.

This British multinational consumer goods company is very familiar with how to successfully address this complexity and overcome the challenge.

ERM supported the selection, implementation & deployment of the Enablon Chemical Management System module, to cover the Company Substance Volume Tracking Reporting requirements.

The module has been interfaced with their Core ERP & Master Data Management Systems, gets Third Party regulatory content (provided by Verisk 3E) and now helps the Company identifying what are their current Chemical Substances Regulatory obligations, but also using forecasts to anticipate on potential future non-compliances.

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Before Enablon, the entire process was manual, and it would take up to seven months. Now, with Enablon, the process was reduced to just one week! Download the case study and learn more!