Discover how Best-in-Class corporations outperform their peers by proactively measuring and tracking safety performance.


Too often, manufacturers use hindsight as a way to create best practices for safety. This method, however, proves flawed when fatalities and irreparable injuries occur and companies today must categorically have the ability to anticipate and prevent incidents rather than react to them. In the past couple of decades, gauging safety performance has shifted from focusing on lagging indicators, to prioritizing leading indicators. While information gathered from lagging indicators is seen as limited, late, and offers little insight for future prevention, increasingly, the creation of safety regulations stems from leading indicators that look to prevent incidents from arising in the first place.

With this in mind, this report discusses the benefits of a consolidated manufacturing operations management solution and offers insight into the task of incorporating leading metrics into the continuous improvement process.

What you’ll learn from this report:

  • The role of leading indicators in better decision-making for safety.
  • The benefits of consolidated manufacturing operations management.
  • How to create tangible performance metrics.
  • How to incorporate leading metrics into the continuous improvement process.