Discover how automated planning for compliance audits through software can be beneficial.

Audits are a primary instrument used to assess EH&S compliance. The compliance audit is effective at identifying regulatory program development needs, implementation gaps, and recommending how to gain immediate compliance and minimize liability. Automated audit planning allows organizations to deploy their compliance efforts more efficiently, thus reducing the costs of compliance.

Too often, companies use hindsight as a method to create EH&S compliance strategies, adding strategies as an afterthought when incidents occur. However, Aberdeen Group research shows that Best-in-Class companies exhibit the foresight necessary to ensure the successful automation of compliance audits. They turn to software to automate planning for compliance audits. The value to the organization of automated planning for compliance audits through software benefits the company by helping increase revenue, save money, and manage risk more effectively.

In this report, learn more about :

  • The critical growth of the importance of EH&S Compliance
  • The benefits of automated planning for compliance audits
  • The strategy of best in class companies to stay compliant by using software