Learn more about the most innovative technologies altering the safety management landscape and the most impactful for safety improvements.


While focusing mainly on compliance, workplace health and safety, professionals have not traditionally pushed the technological envelope. But today, the paradigm is shifting.

Although the foundational mission of compliance is still present in EHS, the role has developed to include much more than keeping workers safe or avoiding fines and penalties. New responsibilities generate the need for more advanced safety technologies. Worker Safety Technology is available in many forms such as enterprise and mobile-centric safety software, wearables, safety beacons, virtual reality, augmented reality and drones, enabling to collect more valuable data to optimize performance, prevent accidents, and a lot more.

This Verdantix report helps safety professionals understand how the space is likely to evolve and gives an overview of the most innovative safety technologies positively impacting the EHS management landscape.

Read this report to gain insights on:

  • The most innovative safety technologies that are changing the EHS management landscape
  • Practical examples of how technology increasingly improves safety and the performance of EHS managers
  • Technologies covered by Enablon and other vendors