Read this report to understand the trends that are shaping the product stewardship market and the best-suited solutions to overcome current and upcoming challenges.



Product stewardship is a field of increasing complexity. Technology challenges, increased regulations and growing requests for transparency regarding  chemical ingredients  in products are increasing the burden on organizations. Whether they know it or not, most companies, regardless of industry, are concerned by these challenges. Companies sometimes learn the hard way that chemicals legislation impacts them more than expected.

In response to the new challenges faced by firms manufacturing, distributing and selling products around the globe, a wide variety of solutions have been developed to help firms cope.

This report helps decision-makers and executives understand the issues that firms are grappling with at present and issues that will appear in the future. It also presents a detailed assessment and analysis of the 36 main software and services-based solutions in the product stewardship space and helps professionals identify which solutions are the best-suited to help overcome key challenges.

What you will learn from this report:

  • Current product stewardship issues encountered by firms and future challenges
  • Verdantix’ capability analysis of the 36 main software and services-based product stewardship solution providers
  • Trends defining the market of product stewardship solutions and its segmentation
  • Key insights for the selection of a best-fit software or services-based solution for mandatory and/or voluntary compliance