Discover how Best-in-Class companies simplify their audit & inspection process to improve safety and drive down risk



Although many safety managers view audits and inspections as a chore, de-prioritizing and ignoring action items means companies are introducing large amounts of risk into their organization. However, as audits and inspections are key processes to measure, evaluate and drive safety and operational excellence, changing the mindset that they are secondary tasks is critical.

Simpler is safer. Based on the experience of over 175 organizations, this report explores how introducing the right enablers can speed up the auditing and inspection process, reduce repeat mistakes and drive down overall risk.

What you’ll learn from this report:

  • How Best-in-Class companies create a safer environment and optimize productivity
  • How to overcome common challenges, such as lack or resources and safety knowledge
  • How introducing mobile technology to the safety process can be a game changer
  • Why safety leaders focus on standardization and cross-functional teams