Use this exclusive blueprint to support your GRC selection and implementation

Info-Tech Report Page 2


Whether you are looking for the GRC vendor solution that’s best for your organization or deciding if you should stay with your current vendor, understanding your own business’s requirements and knowing how to identify the most appropriate vendor are key when it comes to selecting a best-fit GRC solution.

Part 1 of this report offers a clear blueprint of the project steps and activity instructions necessary to streamline your selection process and implementation planning through leveraging Info-Tech’s research, in order to improve the impact of your GRC, and save time and money.

Info-Tech’s GRC Vendor Landscape contained within Part 2 is designed to support your vendor reviews and selection. The use-case performance results will help you identify the vendors that align with your requirements and solution needs, as identified by your earlier findings.

Part 3 will help you get ready for GRC Implementation by identifying a resourcing plan, testing and rolling out your solution, and evaluating your project metrics.

What you will learn from this report:

  • How to synchronize your enterprise GRC to optimize operational efficiency
  • How to select the GRC solution to best match your particular use-case scenario, based on a detailed Vendor Landscape
  • How to prepare for optimal GRC implementation
  • How to improve the efficiency and impact of your GRC solution