Learn how to maintain a seamless, compliant SDS and product data management strategy in order to fulfill regulatory obligations, reduce operational risk and increase safety performance.


To ensure the safety of their facilities, workforce and downstream customers, companies are required to make information about the chemicals used in their operations or placed on the market and the inherent hazards they pose freely available. To comply with regulatory obligations, hazard information must be accessible on demand, comprehensive, current, and available in multiple languages. This requires employers to stay abreast of regulations, maintain accurate inventories of the products and substances used, evaluate each material’s potential for harm and provide compliant Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) and labels to clearly communicate the information required to safeguard those who may be at risk. Those obligations alone pose a significant challenge with many possible barriers to compliance.
This white paper provides insight into:

  • The 5 major challenges companies are facing with SDS and product data management in the workplace
  • Solutions for removing roadblocks and key functionalities to watch for
  • Benefits of an integrated data management solution