As business requirements, EHS&S processes, and technology tools continue to evolve, software systems need frequent modifications and updates to keep up with all the changes.


Given these sizeable investments of time and resources, you want to ensure they are well spent. That’s why NAEM has compiled this guide, which distills the observations, recommendations, and “lessons learned” from in-depth interviews with EHS&S professionals and implementation partners into six steps that will help you start —and stay—on the right track as you introduce an EHS&S application that can deliver tangible benefits to your organization.

Based on in-depth interviews with corporate EHS&S professionals and implementation partners, who have decades of experience deploying software systems on a global scale, this report, supported by quantitative NAEM EMIS data, provides the insights you need to improve your implementation process.

This report will help you answer the following questions:

  • How to set key priorities
  • What is the best strategy to avoid ‘over design’
  • When should the new system be tested and introduced to users
  • How do I sell the value of the new system