Discover how to maximize productivity and profitability while maintaining compliance and eliminating risk.
Aberdeen Report Turning Compliance into Profit March 2017
The challenges of product compliance exist in many forms, staying under budget, delivering to market on time, and meeting customer’s needs for increased customization, to name a few. On its own, designing a product under regulatory compliance can be very difficult. Worse, non-compliance of products can cost millions of dollars in lost sales & fines.

This report provides insights on techniques and solutions to transition from regulatory compliance and product development being seen as conflicting processes, to becoming two fully complementary tracks. Drawn upon several surveys by Aberdeen Group, the report also highlights what distinguishes best-in-class companies and how they manage to reduce costs and turn compliance into profit.

In this report, you will learn:

  • The top pressures for product compliance, and top four biggest compliance costs
  • The top actions that companies best-in-class companies are undertaking to improve product compliance
  • Which legislations companies use automated software for
  • Practical recommendations from Aberdeen on how to effectively balance product compliance with innovation