Learn how best-in-class Food & Beverage companies stay proactive and better organize their processes in order to stay compliant.


In food and beverage, compliance is necessary to survive. The industry faces a whole myriad of rules and regulations, growing in complexity along with the expansion of the food supply chain into a global market. Recalls in the food industry are the biggest threat to a company’s profitability. A 2015 study by associate professor Robert Scharff from Ohio State University estimated the annual cost of food contamination to the food industry was $55.5 billion. In addition to direct costs, the lost in sales due to brand damage is unmeasurable and can be long-lasting. Similarly, food safety, accurate labeling, and traceability take top priority among food and beverage product manufacturers.

This report brings a whole strategy for a successful product regulatory compliance solution adapted to food and beverage companies, and delivers a set of essential elements to turn successful compliance into profit.

Read this research to learn about:

  • The top pressures for food and beverage companies to focus on product compliance
  • The top compliance actions organizations have implemented in response to pressures
  • Industry specific recommendations to effectively balance product compliance with development
  • The main functionalities food and beverage companies are automating with software