When it comes to compliance failures, companies tend to underestimate the cost. The mistake is to assume there’s only a financial risk involved.


In a survey conducted by Aberdeen Group, 45% of chemical companies identify product compliance as the top pressure to focus on. But managing compliance for chemical products has become exceedingly complex. Compliance of chemical products requires extensive knowledge of regulatory requirements both in the US and internationally. In the past few years, the role of government oversight agencies (GHS, REACH) has taken center stage. Also, recent changes to legislation has made the path to compliance increasingly difficult, such as the passed Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) reform bill in the US.

In this report, you’ll learn what are the best-in-class strategies from chemical companies to achieve full regulatory compliance.

Get insights on:

  • The top pressures for chemical companies to focus on product compliance
  • The top compliance tactics implemented to respond to pressures
  • Industry specific recommendations to effectively balance product compliance with development
  • The main functionalities chemicals organizations are automating with software