The Ideas that Will Shape EHS & Sustainability Management in the Year to Come


The National Association of Environmental Management’s (NAEM) inaugural trends report, Planning for a Sustainable Future, is an in-depth analysis of the issues that will shape EHS and sustainability management in the year to come. As a sponsor of the report, Enablon is excited to provide you with a complimentary copy.

Drawn from more than 25 interviews with corporate EHS and sustainability leaders, as well as recognized experts in the environmental business movement, this report offers a unique look at how leadership companies are managing corporate EHS and sustainability today, and the thinking that will drive program development tomorrow.

Some of the trends identified include:

  • Sustainability is increasingly being integrated into all aspects of business operations
  • The new programs focus on the environmental risks within the supply chain
  • Effective risk management now includes environmental considerations
  • Companies are beginning to make plans for climate adaptation

Just a few of the many questions answered in the report:

  • What are the priorities for companies around EHS and sustainability management?
  • Which emergent issues are on the minds & budgets of leadership companies?
  • How are companies collaborating to solve the greater environmental issues?
  • What is driving the increase in supply chain transparency?