The occurrence of adverse events, whether it is one large event or hundreds of small incidents, eat away at a manufacturer’s profitability.

While the presence of risk is not a new thing in high tech, the management of it has become increasingly intertwined with the EH&S, corporate, asset, quality, and supply chain management. Past methods of localized and reactive risk management no longer work, they must be replaced with a greater capacity to understand risk on the organizational level. As a matter of fact, iImplementing a company-wide initiative that aligns process for operational risk management will enable high tech companies to keep adverse events at a minimum.

In this report, you will discover:

  •        The impacts of operational risks on high tech companies
  •        Strategies enabling to control and mitigate operational risks
  •        The key steps to achieve operational risk management excellence

Operational Risk Management in High Tech by Numbers

High Tech Leaders are:

4 Times

more likely to meet their operating margin


more likely to establish contingency policies and escalation procedures

3 Times

more likely to standardize their risk quantification process across the enterprise

2 Times

more likely to align operational and financial data

2 Times

more likely to compare key risk and performance indicators
As compared to High Tech followers