Learn how Best-in-Class companies implement a robust risk management framework to successfully manage their risks 

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Gaining visibility into and control over the multitude of internal and external risks is one of the top priorities of corporations today. With a recent jump in regulatory mandates and increasingly active shareholders, many organizations have become sensitive to identifying and eliminating areas of risk — including operational, IT, brand, and reputation areas — from their business.

This Analyst Insight will explore how Best-in-Class companies implement an integrated and flexible risk management framework to successfully document and assess risks, define controls, manage audits, identify issues, and implement recommendations and remediation plans. In addition, the research will uncover where automation and software plays a role, and how risk management should be approached pro-actively across the enterprise.

What you will learn in this report:

  • The top business pressures driving operational risk management
  • How the most successful companies overcome these pressures
  • What are their approaches in managing risk and building a reliable management framework
  • Risk management areas where the Best-in-Class rely on software
  • Key recommendations for companies looking to improve their risk management
7 Steps to Build a Framework to Manage Operational Risk