Discover how Best-in-Class oil and gas companies improve EHS management and stay competitive by incorporating  mobile solutions on the plant floor.

Aberdeen_Incorporating_Mobility _Oil_Gas_Plant_Floor_EH&S_May2017_image_report
Today, the top challenge for oil and gas companies is to ensure compliance. Improved data collection, direct communication, and complete visibility are vital.  With the advancements in mobile solutions, executives now have the ability to provide their employees with the tools for real-time visibility into plant operations.

Indeed, Best-in-Class companies have all incorporated mobile computing in order to streamline processes across a number of organizational functions, enabling direct lines of communication, real-time visibility, workflow efficiency, better decision-making and better EHS compliance through improved data collection.

Read this report to have insights on the benefits of mobile solutions on the plant floor, and to discover how Best-in-Class companies incorporate mobility to be compliant.