Read this exclusive report from Aberdeen Group to understand the Best-in-Class practices that companies have established regarding product compliance.

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There have been a number of news stories about product compliance issues, which is why companies are working hard to make sure they are not the next big story in the media. However, product compliance must go beyond in-house processes: It must encompass a “cradle-to-grave” responsibility for the life of the product; from design, sourcing, manufacturing, shipment to customer, and ultimately product disposal. Moreover, extending the internal policies to span the entire supply chain is a critical piece of end-to-end lifecycle product compliance.

Based on a survey of 187 organizations, this paper looks at the Best-In-Class practices they have established regarding product compliance across their supply partners, and how their supply chain organizations are responding to support compliance requirements. This report is relevant to many industries, including manufacturing, automotive, electronics, chemicals and consumer goods.

What you will learn from this report:

  • Best-in-Class product compliance processes and how they perform compared to others
  • Why it is important to have an end-to-end view of the supply chain, and how to make sure you do
  • How technology can help in this matter by improving collaboration and visibility upstream
  • Key takeaways to help your organization embrace these concepts
9 Steps to Improve Product Compliance by Going Beyond the Four Walls