Discover the Forrester GRC Wave Report, including a detailed evaluation of the 14 most significant vendors in the marketplace



Organizations face threats in all aspects of their business, and ad hoc management of those crises leaves them more vulnerable to impacts to their revenue and their reputations. Only through a holistic view of risk can organizations adequately prepare for such events and mitigate the potential damage.

Based on a 30-criteria evaluation, Forrester’s analysis of the 14 most significant GRC vendors digs deep into the individual technologies and strategies that separate the Leaders from Strong Performers. Based on briefings, demos, customer surveys, interviews, and actual product use, this report presents a detailed and transparent assessment designed to help companies select the GRC platform best able to meet their business needs.

What you’ll learn from this report:

  • Forrester’s 30-criteria evaluation of the most significant 14 GRC vendors
  • Evaluation analysis and vendor profiles
  • Lessons learned and trends in the field of risk management
  • What risk professionals are looking for when selecting a GRC platform provider