Complimentary report from Aberdeen group, April 2012
By Nuris Ismail, Research Analyst, Manufacturing


The need to ensure compliance with Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S) regulations and concern over the risk of an adverse event is driving an increasing number of manufacturers to reevaluate their EH&S program. Indeed, companies that are not able to comply with EH&S mandates in an effective fashion are at risk of losing their competitive advantage.In Aberdeen’s third annual study on EH&S, they will provide a roadmap to an effective EH&S initiative within an organization, and supporting technology solutions that can help organizations get on track towards not only being in compliance, but to go beyond that.

Table of Contents:

  • The new leading EH&S Regulatory Drivers
  • Understanding EH&S Compliance Management best practices
  • How to leverage technology to better manage EH&S risk and compliance requirements and support decision making
  • Case studies from best-in-class companies that have leveraged EH&S programs for company-wide EH&S performance