Learn how manufacturers need to monitor & manage EHS performance on an ongoing basis in relation to overall Operational Excellence to ensure growth, boost bottom lines, and maintain and improve brand image.


Environment, health and safety (EHS) performance and overall Operational Excellence have always been connected, but global manufacturers have only recently become aware of this intrinsic link between the two, and others still remain oblivious to the relationship. What used to be a siloed aspect of overall enterprise management is increasingly being viewed as a fundamental pillar of corporate performance. This is a welcome trend, for the impacts of EHS performance on Operational Excellence are staggering and have the potential to, on the one side, derail a business entirely, or, on the other, ensure continued success and leadership in the field.

Between the rise of mobile devices, Big Data, the Internet of Things, social media, and sentiment analysis, there’s a new EHS paradigm at hand, and progressive manufacturers need to adapt and adopt the right technological tools in order to compete and outperform effectively.

In this e-book, LNS Research will:

  • Explore the relationship between EHS performance and Operational Excellence against the backdrop of both ‘old’ and ‘new’ EHS landscapes.
  • Discuss the existing and emerging impacts of compromised EHS performance, with real-world examples of disasters, dollars and data associated with EHS gone wrong.
  • Present an EHS Roadmap to Operational Excellence by illustrating the connection between improved EHS metrics, processes, and technology and key operational metrics.