Six Types Of IT For Sustainability Solutions Drive Sustainable Performance
By Christopher Mines with Daniel Krauss and Reedwan Iqbal


Improving the environmental sustainability of corporate processes and products is slowly but surely moving up the strategic agenda of large companies around the world. In interviewing sustainability leaders at 15 multinationals, Forrester Research found a wide variety of drivers, barriers, and best practices that are embedding sustainability in corporate operations. One consistent message from these companies is that the more progressive their approach to sustainability, the more they rely on IT systems and skills for collecting, integrating, analyzing, and reporting data and performance metrics. Six types of IT-for sustainability (ITfS) solutions will gain increasing market traction in the years ahead.

Table of Contents:

  • Putting Sustainability In The Context of Macro Socioeconomic Trends
  • The Role of IT in Enabling Corporate Sustainability
  • Three Success Factors For Positioning Sustainability Solutions