Learn more about all the major regulatory requirements that must be tracked and followed.

There are significant recent developments in the chemical industry and new regulatory compliance deadlines that many organizations must rapidly meet. Every company that manufacturers or distributes chemicals, and those that use chemicals in downstream manufacturing, must comply with these rule changes and provide proof of compliance.

This informative white paper from Verisk 3E and Enablon summarizes the global regulatory changes that affect many organizations, including regulations on registration, evaluation, authorization, and restriction of chemicals from around the world: EU REACH, K-REACH, Taiwan REACH, US TSCA Reset, Australian NICNAS Reform, national implementations of GHS, and Biocidal Products.

Read this white paper to get insights on:

  • The global regulatory changes that may affect your organization
  • Best practices for chemical management
  • Value of centralized data for planning, preparation, management, and reporting
  • Best practices and use case examples of using a centralized platform to address product compliance challenges