Complimentary report from Enablon by Forrester Research, Inc.


As the governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) platform market matures, product vendors struggle to point to credible return on investment figures, and potential buyers similarly struggle when asked to build a business case to justify an expensive GRC implementation. The problem is not a lack of value, but rather a lack of parameters to work with.

When possible, the GRC proposition should present a vision of how GRC creates an environment of better governance and performance, but if you’re pressed for more specific supporting evidence, this report details the essential elements of cost, benefit, flexibility, and risk that will allow you to explain the value of a GRC product implementation.

Questions that will be answered in the report:

  • How does the GRC business case help when executive support falls short?
  • How can you estimate the ROI of your GRC platform by considering cost, benefit, flexibility and risk?
  • How can you apply a similar framework to your entire GRC program?