To ensure strong foundations for product stewardship, firms need to thoroughly invest in understanding their current compliance situation and leverage innovative technologies.
Companies need to comply with evolving regulations to meet customer demands, and protect their brand reputation. However, firms struggle with managing SDS documents, collaborating with suppliers to facilitate flows of information, and going beyond EHS compliance to address evolving customer buyer requirements. Therefore, investing in product stewardship is becoming more than necessary.

Based on interviews with EHS and product compliance managers, as well as with experts at product stewardship software and services firms, this report provides a best practice framework for the strengthening of cross-functional governance, product data management capabilities and technology-enabled workflows necessary to meet business objectives and reduce regulatory compliance risks.

This report will give you insights on:

  • Best practices associated with supply chain transparency, product regulatory compliance and sustainable product design
  • How to implement step-by-step a comprehensive product stewardship strategy
  • Existing technology solutions that can help you meet product stewardship objectives